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Foldable Sneeze Guard for School Desks


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A Foldable Sneeze Guard Designed for On-The-Go Personal Protection


Durable and flexible, Guardsy®’s folding sneeze guards withstand punishing abuse from transport in students’ backpacks without cracking or permanently bending. They deploy in seconds, utilizing simple built-in clips that require no adult assistance to set up.

Ideal for everyday use, Guardsy® school desk sneeze guards fold flat to one-third their original size and feature a carrying handle for easy transport. Unfolded, they measure 23.5” wide and 17” tall, a perfect fit for most school desks.


    • Folds flat
    • Includes handle for easy transport
    • Handles abuse from transport without breaking
    • Unpack and set up in seconds
    • Made in the U.S.A.

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