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Sneeze Guard for Desks & Desktops


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Desktop Sneeze Guard with Rounded Corners


Desktop sneeze guards assemble in seconds, sliding into included bases with no hardware required. They can be used on any countertop, are easy to clean, and portable. Desktop sneeze guards come with a built-in 18" wide pass-through slot at the bottom to allow documents or wires through while remaining effective as a physical barrier. Custom sizes and discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Guardsy® sneeze guards and protective barriers are made from Guardsy® Sheet, a shatterproof and abrasion-resistant material explicitly designed for PPE and sneeze guard applications. Guardsy® Sheet material prevents fracturing, crazing, cracking, and discoloring and allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing with approved cleaners.


    High clarity, optics grade Guardsy® desktop sneeze guards are the only desktop sneeze guards on the market that offer scratch-resistance, fingerprint resistance, and anti-glare properties. Fit for just about any use, our customers use Guardsy® sneeze guards for office workspaces, reception areas, retail areas, cafeterias, and educational institutions. They are easy to sanitize using a mild solution.

    • Assemble and disasemble in seconds
    • Scratch & abrasion resistant
    • Fingerprint resistant
    • Glare resistant
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • High optical clarity and light transmission
    • Portable & versatile for use in any environment

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