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Sneeze Guard Table Dividers for Offices & Cafeterias


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Interlocking Clear Plastic Office And Cafeteria Table Dividers


Adding a portable table divider is a proactive way to further protect your employees and customers in break rooms, cafeterias, restaurants, commons, and other public areas. Our portable table dividers ship flat and slide together for instant assembly with no hardware required.

Our table dividers can be used on any countertop, are easy to clean, and portable. Interstate Plastics offers dividers for circular and rectangular tables in a variety of sizes. Discounts for bulk purchases are available, as well as custom sizes on request.

Guardsy® sneeze guards and protective barriers are made from Guardsy® Sheet, a shatterproof and abrasion-resistant material explicitly designed for PPE and sneeze guard applications. Guardsy® Sheet material prevents fracturing, crazing, cracking, and discoloring and allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing with approved cleaners.


    Our table dividers are the strongest around, ensuring you won't have to purchase another guard should they get knocked off a desk or table. Guardsy® table dividers also stand up to the hardest impacts, offering exceptional durability for ease of mind when transporting, assembling, or disassembling.

    • Assembles in Seconds
    • Custom Sizes Available
    • Expedited Shipping Available
    • Discounts for Bulk Orders
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Easy to Clean and Disinfect
    • Works Great for Both Circular and Rectangular Tables

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