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Sneeze Guard with Large Passthrough


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Sneeze Guard With a Wide Pass-Through Slot for Books, Papers, & Packages


Perfect for primary and secondary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, government offices, and post offices, these versatile barriers feature a passthrough large enough for books, binders, and small packages. Slide on the included bases and assembly is complete! Interstate Plastics offers custom sizes on request and discounts for bulk purchases.

Guardsy® sneeze guards and protective barriers are made from Guardsy® Sheet, a shatterproof and abrasion-resistant material explicitly designed for PPE and sneeze guard applications. Guardsy® Sheet material prevents fracturing, crazing, cracking, and discoloring and allows for easy cleaning and sanitizing with approved cleaners.


    Made from Guardsy® material, our large passthrough sneeze guards will not shatter like glass or cheap plastic. Our sneeze guards are the strongest available, ensuring you won't have to purchase another guard should you have the misfortune of dropping it from a desk or table. Guardsy® durability means peace of mind when transporting, assembling, or disassembling any of our portable or self-assembled sneeze guards.

    • 6" tall by 18" wide pass-through slot
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Scratch & abrasion resistant
    • Fingerprint resistant
    • Glare resistant
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • Lightweight & shatter-proof

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