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Guardsy® Personal Protection

Desktop Sneeze Guard

Portable protective desktop shields that come with two removable
stands that slip into place for instant assembly.

Desktop Sneeze Guard
Guardsy® Personal Protection

Tabletop Sneeze Guard

Portable divider walls are designed for use as table dividers in
cafeterias, break rooms, commons, and other public areas.

Guardsy® Personal Protection

Foldable Sneeze Guards

Guardsy® folding desk sneeze guards withstand punishing abuse during transport,
perfect for on-the-go personal barrier protection.


Experience the
Guardsy® Difference

Portable. Durable. Easy to Sanitize.

We make high quality sneeze guards that last. Guardsy® barriers offer a premium look and feel, and withstand the toughest punishment while providing maximum protection.

Vertical Sneeze Guard
Lightweight, Portable, & Safe
Guardsy® sneeze guards will not shatter like glass or cheap plastic. Our sneeze guards are the strongest available, ensuring you won't have to purchase another guard should you have the misfortune of dropping it from a desk or table. Guardsy® durability also means ease of mind when transporting, assembling, or disassembling any of our portable or self-assembled sneeze guards.
Guardsy Cleaning Solutions
  • Premium look & feel
  • Lightweight & shatter-proof
  • Portable & easy to transport
  • Near instant assembly
  • Versatile designs
  • Custom sizing available
Sneeze Guard with Large Passthrough
Easy to Sanitize, High Optical Clarity Protective Guards
High clarity, optics grade Guardsy® barriers are the only sneeze guards on the market that offer scratch-resistance, fingerprint resistance, and anti-glare properties. Fit for just about any use, our customers use Guardsy® sneeze guards for office workspaces, reception areas, retail areas, cafeterias, and educational institutions. They are easy to sanitize using a mild solution.

  • Scratch & abrasion resistant
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Glare resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • High optical clarity and light transmission
  • Versatile for use in any environment

Innovative, Versatile, & Practical
From modular designs that allow for a perfect fit on any table, to bases and hooks that slide on in seconds, Guardsy® sneeze guards work for any application. Foldable designs allow students to store protective guards in their backpack easily. Guards with tapered ends allow for elbow room while remaining small enough for school desks. Portable desktop guards are perfect for moving around the break rooms or retail areas. And our one-piece designs offer a premium solution and sleek look for office desks.
Experience the Guardsy® Difference
We're here to consult you on the best option for your application. Give us a call today at (888) 768-5759 to talk to an expert about your specific needs.
A Solution For Everyone
If Guardsy® doesn't already offer a solution that fits your needs, we'll make one. Call us for custom options, including passthrough sizes and overall dimensions.