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SACRAMENTO, California, December 22, 2020 — Guardsy® introduced a new optics-grade personal protection sheet unparalleled for sneeze guard and personal protection applications. Guardsy®’s material advantages include impressively high impact, shatter, and abrasion resistance. It does not craze or fade like traditional sneeze guard plastics when used with Guardsy® approved cleaners and disinfectants. Guardsy® personal protection sheet material is stronger and safer than glass, longer lasting with a more premium look and feel than acrylic plastic, and more abrasion and fingerprint resistant than untreated polycarbonate.

Offices, point of purchase locations, retail areas, and educational and government institutions are quickly discovering that the vast majority of sneeze guard and transparent personal protective products on the market offer only a temporary solution. From bowing under their own weight to turning yellow and scratching with the lightest impact, traditional sneeze guards prove ineffective.

As these businesses and institutions look for more permanent solutions, Guardsy® offers a versatile premium sheet material that lends itself to innovative personal protection barriers that are safe, shatterproof, and lightweight. Guards and shields made from Guardsy® sheet feature optics-grade clarity with exceptional light transmission and stays looking new when cleaned and disinfected with approved cleaners. Guardsy® sheet material is scratch, abrasion, fingerprint, and glare resistant. Switching to Guardsy®’s cost-effective protective sheet allows businesses to adhere to current and future restrictions while saving money in the process.

The benefits of Guardsy® sheet material extends to a better experience working with the material than glass or acrylic plastic. Guardsy® optics-grade material removes design constraints imposed by glass and makes curved designs a simple process as the material is flexible and can be cold-bent. Its lightweight structure makes it easier to fabricate into larger end products with less shipping costs when receiving material or shipping out a finished product.

For premium products that withstand severe punishment while providing maximum protection, Guardsy®’s newest sheet material offers an exceptional solution. Call experts at (888) 769-5759 for more information on Guardsy® sheet sizes and thicknesses, cut-to-size service, and bulk discount pricing.

Guardsy® manufactures barriers from their exclusive line of high-impact and shatter-resistant materials that offer a premium look and feel, withstanding the toughest punishment while providing maximum protection. Customers use Guardsy® sneeze guards for office workspaces, reception areas, retail areas, cafeterias, and educational institutions. Guardsy® personal protection experts are here to consult you; call (888) 768-5759 to talk to an expert about your specific needs and applications.

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