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SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 -- Guardsy® table dividers feature a new modular design that fits any sized table, countertop, or cafeteria. Available for round, square, or rectangular tables, they facilitate safer face-to-face meetings and conversations during lunches or work breaks. Each sneeze guard comprises a main protective panel and one or more secondary panels that interlock by sliding into the built-in slots with no tools required. Guardsy® table dividers provide a clear view of what’s behind the barrier and won’t shatter or break from large impacts or drops. They ship and store flat and deploy in seconds for temporary or permanent use.

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Guardsy® table dividers are manufactured exclusively from Guardsy®’s proprietary sheet material. Guardsy® sheet provides a premium look and feel with extremely high impact-resistance that ensures the partitions do not warp or break. Guardsy®’s proprietary material solves many of the issues presented by traditional acrylic sneeze guards, and in addition to its extreme durability, it features exceptional scratch-resistance, fingerprint resistance, and anti-glare properties.

Most barriers craze and discolor after repeated disinfecting; Guardsy® desktop sneeze guards maintain their durability and optical clarity when cleaned and sanitized using approved solutions.

Adding a portable table divider is a proactive way to protect employees and customers in break rooms, cafeterias, restaurants, commons, and other public areas. Guardsy® table dividers return a sense of normalcy to the workplace or break room and can be customized for any application. Discounts are available for bulk purchases, as well as custom sizes on request.

•Assembles in seconds
•Custom sizes available
•Expedited shipping available
•Discounts for bulk orders
•Lightweight and portable
•Easy to clean and disinfect with approved cleaners
•Works great for both circular and rectangular tables

Guardsy® manufactures barriers from their exclusive line of high-impact and shatter-resistant materials that offer a premium look and feel, withstanding the toughest punishment while providing maximum protection. Customers use Guardsy® sneeze guards for office workspaces, reception areas, retail areas, cafeterias, and educational institutions. Guardsy® personal protection experts are here to consult you; call (888) 768-5759 to talk to an expert about your specific needs and applications.

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