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Experience the Guardsy® Difference

Guardsy® optics-grade personal protection sheet offers many advantages that other materials cannot match for sneeze guard and personal protection applications. High optical clarity Guardsy® features exceptionally high impact, shatter, fire, craze, fade, and abrasion resistances. Guardsy® personal protection sheet material is stronger and safer than glass, longer lasting with a more premium look and feel than acrylic plastic, and more abrasion and fingerprint resistant than untreated polycarbonate.

Vertical Sneeze Guard
  • Premium look & feel
  • Optics-grade clarity
  • High light transmission
  • Durable & shatterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch & abrasion resistant
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Glare resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Custom size cut-to-size service available

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Sneeze Guard with Large Passthrough

Safer & More Robust than Glass or Acrylic Plastic

Over 50% lighter and nearly 200 times stronger than glass, it’s no wonder that our customers choose Guardsy® premium sheet material for safety applications that require high light transmission and optical clarity.

While glass provides a premium look and feel for a protective barrier, it is usually weight, cost, and safety that contribute to glass avoidance in sneeze guard and personal protection products. Many local governments have even begun to restrict the use of glass in some applications related to customer safety and in “high-risk” venues. Switching to Guardsy®’s cost-effective protective sheet allows businesses to adhere to current or possible future restrictions while saving money in the process.

Guardsy® offers a safe, shatterproof, and lightweight option for creating projectile-resistant areas where the traditional choice of material would be glass or acrylic plastic, but higher impact resistance is required. It is one of the most durable materials available today, ensuring peace of mind when working with, transporting, or using anything manufactured from Guardsy® material.

Many of the same Guardsy® material benefits that lend to a better end-product also lend to a better experience working with the material. Guardsy® sheet customers have reported that our optics-grade material removes design constraints imposed by glass and makes curved designs a simple process as the material is flexible and can be cold-bent, unlike glass. The lightweight structure of Guardsy® sheet material also means it’s easier to fabricate larger products with less shipping costs when receiving material or shipping out a finished product.

Long-Lasting Premium Look & Feel

The vast majority of sneeze guard and transparent personal protective products are made from acrylic plastic, which often only acts as a temporary solution due to acrylic’s tendency to fracture, craze, and crack over time as well as haze and discolor with regular cleaning and sanitation. These issues inherent to acrylic are compounded by the use of thin material that tends to bow under its weight when upright, sometimes in a matter of weeks.

Guardsy® shatterproof sheet material does not fracture, craze, and crack over time, and can easily be cleaned and sanitized using approved cleaners without the fear of discoloration and abrasion.

Guardsy® comes in a variety of versatile gauges that look incredible and feel high-quality to the touch, with superior fingerprint, abrasion, and impact resistance that can’t be achieved with acrylic and glass.

Guardsy® makes high-quality sneeze guards that last, and products made from Guardsy® optics-grade sheet material do the same. For premium products that must withstand tough punishment while providing maximum protection, Guardy sheet material is your solution.

Call our experts at (888) 769-5759 for more information on Guardsy® sheet sizes and thicknesses, cut-to-size service, and bulk discount pricing.

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