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By using and purchasing through the Guardsy® website, you consent to our terms and conditions. By using our cut-to-size service, you accept and understand that states dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 0.125" (1/8") and that some itemsare not returnable or refundable. Please review our shipping and returns policy for more information.

Prices and Availability

Published price lists are net and subject to change without notice. Prices may vary with current inventory. Online prices are valid for online orders only. In store purchases may vary in price and certain products may not be available at certain locations.

Accepted Payment Methods

Net 30 terms on approved credit, AMEX (American Express), MasterCard, Visa, or Wire Transfer. For orders by check, please contact our customer service staff at 888-768-5759. No C.O.D. is available.

Warning Regarding Proposition 65

Some materials and products provided by Guardsy® are known by the State of California to contain chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. (California law requires this warning to be given to customers in the State of California.)

Warning on Sharp Edges

WARNING: Sharp Edges! Handle with care.

Tax Exempt Status and Orders

State law exempts items that are resold in the normal course of business. Material and products used to run your business are taxable. We are unable to automatically exempt taxes during the online checkout process. In order to establish and maintain tax exempt status, Guardsy® requires that you provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate for the state(s) where you are located, and that you update and maintain a current certificate, in accordance with state laws and our Terms & Conditions. Sales tax may be charged on any orders placed through the Guardsy® website.

Tax refunds will not be provided for orders placed through the cart. In this scenario, you may contact your state's Department of Revenue to request a refund of tax paid. Once valid tax exemption documents are filed and approved by Guardsy®, tax exempt orders must be placed over the phone through an Guardsy® representative. If your purchases qualify for exemptions, we’re here to help you. Please call (888) 768-5759 for more information or place a tax exempt order.

Freight on Board (F.O.B.)

Shipping point unless otherwise stated in writing. Purchaser assumes all risk for damage or loss and responsibility for submitting claims with carrier.

Custom Sneeze Guards, Machining, & Fabrication

Non-standard items, including machined and fabricated materials, are not returnable or refundable. Quality issues will be resolved to the original specification or drawing requirements. Please call 888-768-5759 to learn more about our capabilities in machining and fabrication for your specific needs and application.

Sales Tax

We collect sales tax in WA, CA, TX, AL, IA and ID.

Special Packaging

If you wish to purchase additional protective packaging or have special requirements, please contact our customer service staff at 888-768-5759.

Promotional Codes

Promotional code are sometimes offered by Guardsy®. Promotional codes apply only to online orders placed through the Guardsy® website, unless otherwise stated, and may have additional restrictions. Promotional codes may not be used with other offers, discounts or additional promotional codes. Promotional codes will not be applied to past purchases. Promotional codes may not be applied toward sales tax or shipping costs. Offers subject to change.